Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fun in the Sun and Rain

Well, Mike and I went on a super nice vacation and celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary.

On the way I realized I forgot my bathing suit so we stopped at a Mall on the way and bought a really cute one. It's looks just like my old one but its polka dot and new. We got in the hot tub once but it was worth it. I got a new suit. he he

It was so peaceful I think we almost got a little bored. Hubby doesn't like to sit still. I took my keyboard to play around but forgot the cord that attaches the midi to the computer so I couldn't record the song I was writing. We checked around in the tiny, town in Texas that had a Walmart and 2 music stores but no USB midi interface cord. I called one of music stores and he asked if they even made one. Gee, I just made up the name I guess, huh? Duh! Oh well, guess I wasn't supposed to record my song this week.

Our bed was pretty hard and we're used to a feather bed, so we trucked to Walmart on Saturday and bought a memory foam mattress pad. Nice. And, we can still use it. The couch sunk in so bad, I'm not sure I could get up even if my arthritis wasn't bothering me. So we bought a long pillow to sit on. Not great, but better than nothing.

We went golfing one day. Hubby golfed while I looked for balls. Then he lost the extra balls I found. A few went in the water. He asked me to toss him another ball, which I did, right into the water. Good thing I found some while we were looking for the ball he lost in the woods.

We exercised a bit in the the room set up at the timeshare club house. Okay, 2 days we exercised. I thought the machine had 10 lb weights but Mike had changed it to 20 lbs when he was working out. My shoulder about killed me the rest of the week. I had to take super strength Tylenol just to be able to sleep.

We went on a couples day out with the activities director and we were the only couple but it was a lot of fun. She took us to another itty, bitty town and went to a place called Heritage Village where they had all this old stuff. I could donate a few things from my house since I saw a LOT of my old stuff in there. Makes you feel good when you see your first sewing box (I still have it) in an antique store for $14.00. I put it in the garage sale the week before for $1.00 and it didn't sell. Now I'm thinking of keeping it. I don't know why, just because someone thinks it's valuable, I guess. It's nostalgic. The name of the store is Junktique. That should tell me something. Their motto is "Your grandmother bought it, you mother sold it, and you can buy it back." Cute, huh.

Unfortunately, my kids are not savers like me. I'm a pack rat and want to keep everything. My kids want me to throw it all out. I don't see my daughter getting rid of her stuff so fast. She has a Walmart sack of tin cans she might make into pencil holders. Hellooo! We open new ones every day!!! Love you Autumn!

Anyway, back to our trip. We dined at a quaint little restaurant that brought out bowls of food and a big plate of fried chicken. All you can eat. I couldn't eat that much because I'm trying not to eat fried foods. I felt like I was home with Mom. The food was great.

I was feeling bad about not bringing my beads to work on so I bought some at Walmart and some tools. Of course, I never got around to making anything but I did change some earring wires for the lady that took us on the couples day out. So it wasn't a total loss.

I had to planned to make it a Biggest Loser week by eating healthy and exercising. With all that, I gained 3 lbs. Maybe, I'm not sure, but maybe it was the steak we grilled for our anniversary dinner. Or the baked potatoes. But I don't think so. More likely, the sitting around doing nothing. No complaints here. I don't have to be moving all the time. My body agreed with me since I had to be helped up every time I stood up. The arthritis was so bad, I bought a knee brace. Not sure it helped but the ping pong was pretty strenuous.

We rented movies and watched a really cute one called Music and Lyrics but the rest were just okay. It started raining Wednesday afternoon and it starting getting really cold so the hot tub and pool were definitely out. By Thursday morning we had about 2 - 3 inches in front of the door. We needed to switch movies so, believe it or not, we went out the sliding glass door and I climbed over the fence. I know!!! Mike put a chair on both sides and I managed to get over. I didn't try it on the way back, I just balanced on the flower bed rails and managed to get back in without drowning. Friday morning, it started again and we couldn't load the car so maintenance came and cleared the sidewalk and put down stepping stones. Poor Mike had to carry all the junk we brought and had bought to the car in the rain.

And all good things must to come to an end. We drove home on Friday and reluctantly went back to work on Monday. The helper in my office was only able to work in there two days but she had the paperwork separated and ready for me. Unfortunately, I had an all day meeting on Tuesday and had to go to another store all day Wednesday. It's been over a week and I'm still trying to get caught up. It never fails, we have to pay the price for taking off but it was worth it. I'm already looking forward to the next one.