Monday, October 26, 2009

Surgery, Spaghetti, Silent Auction, Sewing and a Snake

The surgery went great, the ovaries are gone as well as the fallopian tubes. What a surprise bonus. I don't know why they didn't mention it or why I never asked, but I found out the day of the surgery that they were part of the deal. What do I care, I don't have to look at them anyway and they didn't offer them to me to take home. Thank goodness, I don't know what I would have said.

"Sure, wrap them up?"

Saturday night we met another milestone this year, The Annual Spaghetti Supper/Silent Auction. We raised over $2000 even though less than 100 people attended but tons of items showed up donated by a lot of generous people and businesses. Like me, I'm sure a lot of people spent more than we should have but it was for a worthy cause. The kids enjoyed themselves at their toy auction and store using free play money. It was fun for all. The proceeds fund the annual Foster and Adoption Week and Celebration in November.

Yesterday, Kristina's and Cameron's Border Collie puppy, Storm, gave us a scare. Somehow she found Autumn's dangle bracelet. She bit all the beads off and we were so scared she may have swallowed one or more of the beads that had a wire hook sticking out. She seems fine now and I am pretty sure we found all of the beads. At least I hope so. I have to put the bracelet back together now. I'll be wire wrapping the beads this time. No hooks to pull apart and swallow.

I am thinking of teaching some craft classes to make a few extra bucks. I lost 4 days work during my recent surgery and that really hurt the pocketbook. Let me know if you are close to Garland and might be interested in taking a bracelet making class or a basic sewing class. I might as well share the talent. A lot these skills have been left behind in this buy it now rather than make it day and age. I truly think we need to pass the old world skills on to our children. One lady wants her two daughters to learn to sew so I may do a child's small project sewing class.

My Granny taught me to crochet in one day when I was home sick from school and I taught that craft to Autumn. She loves to crochet and makes scarves and blankets. Lacey prefered to teach herself to knit. She took my knitting machine home and I bet she has a blanket made in no time. Uh, I guess it can be a bad thing, too, since I have also passed on my addiction of crafts to my daughters. Oh well, at least I have someone to join me in my madness.

We have a new sewing/embroidery machine to join our other 30. Not really 30, we only have ....three, er, I mean four other machines. One embroidery, two sewing, and one serger plus the new one. Oh, and the antique Singer I bought at a garage sale. Lacey put her sticky note on that one. I'm sending it home with her if we ever find it again under the pile of stuff in Autumn and Kevin's room.

It's only fair though. Mike passed on his love of woodworking to Cameron. For a month now, he toiled on a wood and glass snake cage. After finally meeting the snake last Sunday, I was surprised to find an overgrown earthworm. I'm sure it might get lost in that monster cage. At least until it reaches full size. I won't let him bring the thing home so YingYang is living at Kristina's house. I mean really, a snake? There is just no room here anyway, since Autumn and I commandeered the dining room and den for our crafts.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Goodbye Hormones

Yes, the doctors have decided I need to shut down the hormone factory. The cancer I had is hormone receptive so I must get rid of the hormones. I like that in theory, just not too excited about surgery, which is tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, I am ready for it....I think. No really, I had all the blood drawn, the chest x-ray and the EKG. I am getting used to being poked, pricked, and prodded. The pain goes away with pain pills so that's a big plus. I don't like the dizzy feeling but hey, it's better than pain.

What I really don't care for are the hot flashes. Yes people, hot flashes. In case you have not been privy to one of these mega furnice feelings, let me describe it. First you are happy, enjoying a good time, feeling great, and maybe even a bit chilly, when suddenly a heat wave moves straight into your face, you suddenly turn red, and the heat bubbles from the inside of your body working it's way out through every pore. You rip off whatever top layer of clothes can be removed without being arrested for indecent exposure, (if at home, you get indecent anyway). The kids run off to the their rooms and hide under the bed. You turn up all the ceiling fans and air conditioners to the coldest settings and then stand in front of the blowing vent while still drenched in sweat. Just when you are about to stick your head in the freezer, suddenly it goes away and you are freezing. While covered up in blankets, you dare anyone to turn off the air just in case another flash appears in the blink of an eye. And it will.

Anyway, that's about 1/10th of what a hot flash feels like. I'm sure my ovaries have quit producing these wonderful, yet evil monsters anyway since I have been having these wonderful flashes for quite a while. Especially since I quit the hormone therapy last year, but I can't help but think that the few hormones they do make (that the meds don't kill), probably have been helping to quench these relentless fire spasms somewhat. After tomorrow, you might want to bring your big coat with you when you are around me because I will be in the tank top looking for the nearest air vent to stand, sit, or sleep beside. Also, you might want to stand down wind.

So tomorrow, I say goodbye to hormones, a lesser chance of cancer, and hello to portable battery operated fans.