Sunday, January 17, 2010

And He walks with me and He talks with me.

I stroll on the beach,
While waves toss in the sea,
Clouds float in the sky,
And God walks with me.

Time is eternal,
Faith opens the door,
Jesus enters my heart,
With peace evermore.

Worries and cares
Roll away like the tide,
And my burdens are lifted
With God by my side.

I love visiting the ocean. This picture was taken at Hilton Head, SC in May, 2008. I wrote the poem this week. I enjoy adding poetry to my pictures. Or pictures to my poetry.

Our new baby. Paige Alexandria Ogletree, will be here Tuesday. I will be a proud Grandmommy again. I may have to update my header picture. Poor Reacie is sick today and we are skipping church in hopes she will feel better by Tuesday. It would be devastating if she missed getting to hold baby sister when she arrives.

I gained too much weight since my last surgery so I am starting a 21 day fitness trial on Monday. This will tell me if I really want to join a gym and if I will get my money's worth if I do. I at least need to lose the pounds I gained in the last three months for sure. On the bright side, my blood sugar levels have decreased. That does not make sense but I did add cinnamon tablets to my stack of daily pills and I have been exer-cycling daily. Whatever works I'll gladly take.

Hope you like the new poem. I will be reciting another one at the Gospel Music Artist Association Convention next weekend. I am excited to go but it will be hard to leave our new baby girl. I am nominated for the Songwriter of the Year Award and for The Special Ministry Award. I am honored to just be nominated and it would amazing if I won. The concerts Friday and Saturday night are free to the public if you would like to attend. It is at the Southfork Hotel in Dallas.

I am devoting 2010 to be my year of submission to God by submitting my writing and hopefully to be published. Years ago, I felt God called me to be a writer. I am stepping out in faith to fulfill His ministry for my life. I also feel called to speak and share God's word through my poetry or however God wants to use me in that respect. Say lots of prayers. I am excited about what God is doing and going to do in my life and in other's lives through me. We are a always a work in progress.

Thank you, Lord for your abundant grace.