Saturday, June 5, 2010

In honor of the last day of school and a fun summer,
here is a another poem I wrote for teachers. Enjoy.

By Karen Arthur

One may have a pigtail,
One always picks his nose,
One’s so shy he blushes,
One strikes a ballet pose.

Susie wears thick glasses,
She giggles when she sneezes.
Billy always has a cold
And almost always freezes.

JoJo sits on both her feet,
Sammy eats his boogers.
Tommy talks nonstop all day
And Emily loves sugar.

A typical class is a variety,
And each child plays a part,
For a very special teacher,
Who holds them in her heart.

She knows them by their differences,
She calls them all by name.
Some learn fast and some learn slow.
She loves them all the same.

Some will eat with fingers,
Others chopsticks or a fork.
Another may say grace at lunch,
But someone always farts.

It doesn’t matter how they act,
Or if they know a lot.
Each one needs a teacher
To give it all she’s got!