Friday, January 27, 2012

Fun Weekend, Tough Week

This has been a really tough week for my family. Paige turned two on the 19th and she was sick. Nothing worse than being sick on your birthday. Okay, that was last week but bear with me.

Over last weekend Hubby and I went to the Gospel Music Artists Association Convention where I had the privilege to recite two of my original poems and try my hand at a little comedy. Is it comedy if the stories are actually true? There was laughter. I don't mind getting laughed at when I'm the one making fun of me. I hated being teased when I was kid. Yet, I always wanted to be Carol Burnett when I grew up. Maybe I finally grew up. Took me long enough. I'm almost ready to retire. I will post the video on my Facebook Page, Grandmommys Gems.

So when I came off the stage Friday night, my throat was so dry. Someone asked if I wanted a bottle of cold water. I said, "Yes, I'm dying!" I downed it before I made it back to my chair. I was so tired on Saturday but we had a great time. I only made it through two hours of the Saturday night concert before I went back to the room to rest. We made it home Sunday morning in time for church but I skipped and stayed home with Reace who was also feeling puny. At Soul Patrol play practice, I felt my throat getting worse. Drainage, allergies, whatever but finally Friday (today) I gave up and when to see my favorite doctor who gave me some meds to make me better. I always wait to go until I can't stand it and that's usually just before I get better. But, I still managed to go to work all week and muddle through.

During the week, three family members came down with what the baby had last week which was viral and flu like symptoms. Fortunately, we are all on the road to recovery and praying no one else comes down with any of our symptoms. Especially my eighty three year old Mom. She would hate me telling her age even though she tells it all the time.

Kaylyn had a birthday, yesterday, and her Mom was so sick she didn't get to have her treats until today, Sonic blasts and mozzerella sticks. Sounds yummy. I missed out due to work. But we still managed to celebrate a little last night with a nice dinner, cake, and her present from me and Papaw.

Now, we get to start the weekend all over again. After I get up at 4 a.m. to go work for an hour that is. Then we get to watch Kaylyn play basketball where I can't yell, then watch her cheer for the boys basketball. This is going to be tough. I realized two weeks ago I was yelling and waving my arms around like a mad woman. Very embarrassing. I'm sure I will have a tough time holding it in but the throat pain will probably stop me from getting too loud. I'm sure if I do I will totally lose my voice. No promise on the arm waving. Then plans to work on the craft room if we still feel up to it. So many ideas and plans, just hard to move around in there. We need a warehouse so we can empty it out and only return what we really need. Who am I kidding, we need it all.

Like I said, it was a tough week but I'm pumped for the weekend.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nifty Thrifty

I had to do an audit at a sister Walmart yesterday. It is not that far from my store but it sits right next to one of the best thrift stores ever, Casa View Thrift. I have found some really good things there so I always have to make a detour going out to my car on the way home.

My cousin asked me the night before if Mom had any old pyrex dishes as she had broke her favorite little dish and was looking for another one. I figured that was as good a reason as any to venture into the Thrift Store. I meandered through the aisles and came upon an almost hidden room full of glassware. I touch one bowl and apparently someone had left another glass dish sitting precariously half touching it. Yep, it fell and shattered into pieces. I let them know on the way out they had some broken glass in the back.

My addiction dates back to the time my Mom and I had a building at a fleamarket. We had a lot of fun scouring garage sales to find treasures to resell. We had regular customers and we knew what to buy. One collected shot glasses, one was raising his new grandson, one had a booth down the aisle and loved pottery, glasswear, etc. We found it and they bought it. Half the fun was making people happy.

We, of course, fell in love with a lot of the treasures. Old habits are hard to kick. Which is why I can't buy another cool item (unless it's really, really good and I can find a reason to really "need" it). I was good though and practiced self control and did not buy anything. We are trying to make more space, not take up more space. Good thing I'm not going back to that store anytime soon, I may not be able to control myself.

I have a weakness for glassware and my husband, Mike, cringes when I bring home another piece. I can't blame him, my China cabinet is overflowing. So here are some of the cool items I saw yesterday but left on the shelf.

Nifty Mixing Bowls

Isn't this a cool little pitcher? Pancake syrup would be perfect in this.

We needed this when we had Reace's birthday tea party
and I've always wanted one.
A little silver polish and elbow grease and we could
serve tea fit for our little princesses.

Now I'm itching to go back and check out the one down the street from there that I missed.
Autumn said she was sure they'd have the pyrex dish. Just don't tell Mike.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Cross

The Cross
by Karen Arthur

As I’m strolling all around the dusty roads in my home town,

The line of telephone poles resemble crosses in a row.
In the church just down the street where we gather every week,
We sing praise in Jesus’ name, and give thanks for why He came.

Evergreens that edge my drive, take me back to how He died.
Sometimes Golgotha feels so real, when I hike a steep, tall hill.
I can’t know the pain He felt when crushed beneath the cross He knelt,
But I can sense the heavy load He bore, to save my sinful soul.

Every shrub and thorny vine, blossom only to remind
Me of the crown, which tore each gash in His earthly, human flesh.
I spot at the hardware store; nails like shaped the scars He wore,
When they pierced the hands of God, and the feet on which He trod.

Every wound that makes me bleed, flows to refresh my memory
Of the blood that Jesus lost hanging on that crimson cross.
A metal fence surrounds a yard, like Roman soldiers standing guard,
Who shook a spear and bragged with pride, “I’m the one who gored His side.”

A window glass reflects my shame, and I know that I’m to blame,
For my weakness brought Him here, then my eyes fill up with tears.
It was all for me I know, just because He loves me so.
He suffered great atrocity, when He came to set me free.

But in death, He did not stay; He rose again on that third day,
He’s alive eternally, to light The Way for us to see.
It all reminds me of the cross, and the ones who still are lost,
When the Savior paid the price and became my sacrifice.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Courageous the Movie - I give it 5 Stars


Tonight, Mike and I went to see the movie Courageous. Great movie. We talked all the way home about how it covered the whole spectrum of life and circumstances in these five men and their families. The men from our church kicked off their men's ministry by going to see this movie and having a bible study based on it. The women wanted to see it to but we had to stay home while they had their men's night out. It's only fair since we have our lady's night outs.

We went to the $1 movies. By the time the film makes it through all the weeks of showings, the movie reel is less than perfect. Or else they just have old projectors. My friend Kim and her husband went earlier this week and has been dying to talk about it. I refused to let her so now I'm dying to call her but it's 1:00 a.m. so I guess I'd better wait.

The theatre was practically empty yet two couples plopped down right behind us and proceeded to talk and laugh during the movie. I can't believe it myself but I actually turned around once and blurted out, "Will you please quit talking?" So, if you were sitting behind me, I'm really sorry. I came to the theatre to watch the movie without all the noise, (I have enough of that in my living room), and the continuos recaps and spoilers. During one very emotional scene, I heard about it 5 seconds before it played out. It really ruined the moment. I would have complained but the place was a ghost town. It was a late showing so I guess they sent all the help home for the evening. Or, they could have been sitting behind me.

I'll pay the $7.50 next time and see the movie before it looks like an old newsreel and I don't hear the story 5 seconds before I see it happen onscreen. Yes, it might cost more and I know there are rude people everywhere but at least I'll be able to watch the movie without specks and maybe the extra cash will be used to pay the ushers. Remember them? They go up and down the aisles with flashlights and ask you to leave if you're too noisy. I should know, I took my baby one time and had to sit outside with a screaming kid while the rest of family finished the movie. It's okay, I still love ya Bubba.

Seriously though, Courageous is a great movie. I loved it. Watch the awesome trailer by clicking the link at the top. It is from the makers of Fireproof and Facing the Giants, two more great films. And it is coming out on DVD January 17th, next Tuesday. I know I will definitely buy it to watch again and I won't even complain about the kids laughing and talking behind me in my living room. I promise.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Craft Room Makeover Project or Organizing our Hoard

I should be in the craftroom working but instead I'm at my computer blogging. Well, I was Facebooking but that was not accomplishing anything except chatting with people that grew up in the same area that I grew up. I don't know them but enjoy talking about our shared history. So after looking back for awhile, it's time to be constructive and move forward.

Years ago, (I must get you caught up first) when the kids were little and we thought the house was too small (it was) we enclosed our little dining room into a 4th bedroom so the children could each have their own room. To have a place to eat, we expanded our house from the kitchen out and made a new dining room and den. It was very large and served us well, until . . . our family grew. My daughter's fiance moved in and we made him a makeshift bedroom in my den, then they got married and moved into their own house (for a while). Then my second daughter's boyfriend needed a place to stay and he moved into . . . you guessed it, my den. So then they got married and moved out. So far, so good. Nope, my son never left. He had a couple of years here and there in the Army but I sometimes think he'll never change the address on his license. As luck would have it, Autumn and Kevin came back with 1 1/2 kids and now they have doubled that to three girls.

So, Autumn and I turned the large den/dining room also into a craft room and were enjoying the monstrous hoard of craft supplies we have somehow managed to create when . . . my mom had to move in because she really can't live by herself any longer.

Guess where.  Yep, my dining room/den/craftroom is now also a bedroom for Mom, cutting our craftroom by 50%. We gave up on a dining room/den. Now it's just a bedroom/craftroom.

This week we sold our pool table that came with Autumn and Kevin. It was taking up half of the room. Sad day for us but happy day for the new owners. (And happy for us crafters, but still sad.) If that makes sense to you then you understand a hoarder's mind. I have a very hard time letting go of anything that might still be good. It's true, I admit it. I watch the show Hoarders and I am disgusted and understanding at the same time. So many of their words have come out of my own mouth. I know how they feel but I still yell at them through the TV to throw it away. (Something I have trouble doing.) The nasty trash, that's disgusting and I really don't get it. But the good stuff, that's hard. The shopaholics, I feel their pain. I watch the show just for the therapeutic value. It helps me let go . . . some.

So we made a breakthrough and actually got rid of a large piece of furniture that was not being used for it's intended purpose and freed up some space which was immediately filled with another table but one that is used for it's intended purpose. I call that progress.

We are now overhauling the craft room but it's taking some time. Cutting a room in half but not cutting the hoard in half makes it really hard to work in and around. Watch for the before pics and I will keep you updated on the progress.  We will, fingers crossed, have some really awesome after pics. I have already taken out a huge desk and put in a smaller table from IKEA and the wire drawers are from IKEA. Once we discovered this store the other day, we can't wait to go back. Very therapeutic. Some of the money we made from selling the pool table will be spent there for better table for Autumn's sewing machines.

Please pray for us, this isn't easy. But it is necessary. God wants us to free our space so we can free our minds. Clutter is not of God. A cluttered space creates a cluttered mind. If that's not in the bible, it should be.

Friday, January 6, 2012

It's On like Donkey Kong!

Autumn (that's my daughter) jumped in on my new years resolution to be a more consistent blogger  As soon as I said it, she rushed into action and even blogged the first post of 2012 before me. So we now have The Blog Wars! Well, she said that first on her blog.

So anyway, I'm sitting here at my computer and she's lying on my bed when she comments she's going to go work on the craftroom. Rabbit trail: We actually got rid of a big piece of furniture today, the pool table, out of the craftroom, and we are very excited to "try" to make our craft/workroom more user friendly.  Back to story, so I say, "Go ahead, I think I'm going to write a little blog."

Her eyes light up, "Oh really, it's on." Yeah, yeah, she said that first, too. What Ever?

So now we are having more fun sharing our exploits with the world, aka, you guys or gals as the case may be. This might get interesting.

Let the games begin (you can't see this but my eyebrows are lifting up and down.) And I said that first. Yeah, you had to be there.

Check out Autumn's blog here.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ugh Bills, Goodbye Paycheck, Hello Apple Pie

Today was payday for my creditors. I'm just the middle man. Yes, they all got a piece of the pie and left me with a tiny bit of crust. Too bad I have more bills to pay. That's okay, God will take care of it. Somehow, some way, the city, state, and school taxes will get their piece of the pie. Taxes being due in January right after Christmas is just wrong.

Speaking of pie, doesn't this look good. My son-in-law makes a delicious apple pie which is why I gained some of that weight over the holidays that I mentioned in the last blog entry. Just looking at this makes me want another bite and it's all gone. Again, which is why I gained all that weight over the holidays. Sorry about that folks, I know your mouth is watering now but it's easy to make. Two ready made pie crusts and some apple pie filling. Hmmm, wonder if we have any cans of . . . Nope, gotta be good, don't look at it. Turn . . . away . . . from the picture.

It didn't work, my mouth is watering now. Where's my sugar free chocolate?

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolution

Recently, I've gained a few extra pounds. I'd like to blame it on added stress and not the excessive candy I've consumed in the last month. I'd like to but I really can't.  I ran out of strips for testing my blood sugar and apparently, that meant I could go on a sugar binge. So, I got the precription filled and now I am back on track.

For Christmas I really, really wanted an exercise bike and, of course, my sweet hubby gave me one. He knew it was for a good cause and so far I have ridden at least 30 minutes a day. So proud of me. And, I have lost 5 of those extra pounds. Again, so proud of me. Only a few more to go. Like 30, but enough about me except to say my knees are really much better since I've been biking in the living room. Yea!

We had a wonderful Christmas with my kids driving down from Kansas for a week. It was chaos at my house but well worth it. I got as many hugs and I could out of my grandsons before they had to drive the 7 hours back home. Praise the Lord the weather was wonderful and they made it home safely. We were able to snap a few photos but forgot to get a new one of them head to head so we'll have to keep looking at the old one until they come back or Autumn takes the girls for a Kansas visit in the summer.

Praying everyone has a wonderful 2012.