Saturday, June 13, 2009

Waiting For Surgery

I missed posting in May so here is a quick synopsis. We had a great Mother's Day, took Mom to the Arboretum with all the kids. Lots of fun.

Cameron came home on leave. He kept it a secret and knocked on my door at work. It was awesome. He was home for two weeks, and got engaged. Now, he is back in Iraq and starting to pack up for his return in August for good. Then he plans to get a part time job and go to college. I am excited for both Cameron and Kristina. They are waiting two years to get married until she finishes college.

Then, Autumn found out she is preggy and it is absolutely unplanned. We are excited, she's still sickly but I can tell they are getting excited. They may even start looking for a place to call their own. I'm not sure how we'll handle the separation. We are pretty intertwined. It'll be like a divorce, what's mine and what's yours. Oh what the heck, take it all. I'll get new furniture.

Now we are up to June and my life does not slow down. What fun would that be?

My surgery was cancelled twice and now I have to call Monday to find out when they rescheduled. What a bummer. I was all psyched up for it. The power went down at the surgery center and it was changed from Friday to Saturday. They didn't get the power going by Friday afternoon so now it's changed to whenever. I am ready to get this done and over with so keep your fingers crossed and your prayers coming.

On the bright side, we bought a new seat for the bike I'm starting to ride. A big seat for my Big Seat. I rode it around the pond at the park twice and back home. It is much more comfy than the itty bitty seat I had. I am working on living with arthritis and exercise is the best thing for it according to the doctors.

I decided to take up golf so I've been outside swinging the club. It's not as easy as it doesn't look. My arthritic hands are aching now.. and my back. But I'm going to give it a try since Mike and Cameron love it so much. I wanted to see if it was all that and a bag of chips. Kristina said she'd help me. It is so hot outside. These guys will play in the heat, cold and rain. I know I'm not going to love it that much but I like hitting the ball. It reminds me of softball and how good it feels to get a good solid hit and then watch the ball fly into the outfield. Unfortunately, I want to hold the club like a baseball bat. It's not exactly the same. So far, I've only hit the practice balls in the front yard and they aren't going that far. In fact, I'm lucky if it gets airborne. But I have high hopes of eventually making it to the driving range and not embarrassing myself. We will see if I ever make it to the actual course.

I have lost a little weight. I don't know how much to say I've lost. At one weigh in a while back I went pretty high and panicked but I am down 9 pounds from that catastrophic total. You know how weight goes up and down during the day so I weigh every morning and when I started my diabetic meal plan I weighed in and I had already started walking a mile a day and exercising so I had lost a little before that so I guess I can say I've lost about 5-6 pounds which is good. I am shooting for a pound a day but I'll settle for a pound every 3 days to keep at a steady pace. I would tell you how much I actually weigh but I'm not that transparent. I'll let you know when I reach my goal weight.

I forgot to mention I took a really long nap after the bike ride. Man that mile wore me out.

It's my only body and it has to last a lifetime. That's what I've decided. No one can do it for me, I have to step up and take responsibility. That's why I'm getting more exercise. I'd rather malinger but I'd just get fatter than I already am!

Father's day is next Sunday and Autumn's 10th anniversary is Thursday. So, they'll probably schedule my surgery that day. That's how it usually goes since my mastectomy was on my mom's 80th birthday. At least I will remember the date of my surgeries. Every medical questionnaire asks about every surgery you've ever had and who can remember what year you had a cyst removed from your finger. So take note, keep a medical journal and write everything down. It will definitely come in handy someday. Trust me.

I added a post to my website. I know some people still think I've had surgery today. They'll be surprised when I show up at church tomorrow and work Monday. I have to go in since I need the personal time for the real surgery. I had it all setup and everything to be off next week. I even got flowers with a card, "Best Wishes for a Speedy Recovery" from my coworkers. They're really pretty and I am enjoying them. Hope they are still pretty when I am actually working on a speedy recovery.