Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Day of School (Poem revisited)

I thought I would repost this poem I shared a couple of years ago. There is so much talk about the first day of school and friends that are teachers getting as excited and nervous as the kids.

It is my oldest grandchild, Kaylyn's 2nd year in Middle School, going into 7th grade, so she's an old pro now. Her sister goes into 4th grade and baby sister has to wait two more years. My oldest grandson start's 5th grade and little brother is still home with Mom but he is so ready to learn he's already reading his colors. He's been messaging me on Facebook for a year now typing out the words he already knows and he's only four. What can I say, all my grandkids are geniuses. I bet yours are too.

So here is a poem I wrote for teachers on this auspicious occasion. Especially, first year teachers. You will do just great. I'm sure of it.

First Day of School
By Karen Arthur
May 2009

As you watch their little feet
Pad across to their new seat,
You have a tiny, little panic attack.
But don’t sell yourself short,
Just show them love from your heart,
For they are willing to give that love back.

Little Mary in row two,
Looks like she’s ready to,
Give up her lunch before the bell rings.
And poor Johnny over there,
Is asking you, “What’s a square?”
After explaining it 12 times it seems.

As they march out this first day,
Backpacks dragging all the way,
All you can think now is “How did I do?”
Just ask the parents if you dare,
They’ll let you know how you fared,
And how much each little angel loves you.

With lots of hugs and a some prayer,
They learn so much from you there,
While today you helped mold their little minds.
It may be the just the first day,
But what you both take away,
Will be remembered for each one’s lifetime.