Monday, December 17, 2012

When I Get to Heaven

The story of Newtown, Connecticut is all over the news and our hearts are full of sorrow for the families that lost loved ones, the town that is having to deal with this horrid disaster, and the victims who's lives were cut short before their time. We know they are with Jesus and are not feeling any pain, totally opposite to what we are feeling.

I get a lot of Facebook posts for prayers and I have followed some stories of children that have been going through different illnesses, some from abuse, and how brave they are and I have been uplifted by the faith of the parents going through the anguish and cried with them. Last week one of these little children, a beautiful angel born with SMA, Briley Faith, gently left her mother and father's arms and moved to her new homes straight into the arms of Jesus. I was so sad that she wasn't healed on Earth, yet rejoiced that she was healed perfect in Heaven. In her short two months here she touched so many lives, including mine.

Four years ago another child, Peyton, crossed over on the same day I found out I had breast cancer. Somehow following Peyton's story helped me get through my struggle. She was so brave after discovering she at leukemia at only four years of age, how could I complain. Peyton's aunt said she was my angel to help me through it. I thought of Peyton often. I never met her, her aunt was on one of my Yahoo groups and had asked for prayer. We sent gifts to Peyton and her brother and followed her story while praying for her daily. Just one example of how the Internet has enriched our lives. Being blessed by some really great people and also, hopefully, having the honor of touching other's lives. 

When little Briley Faith (what a great name for such a beautiful little girl) crossed over, the beginning lines of a poem began swirling in my head. The words kept coming back to me over and over. And then the shooting happened. The same lines bore into my brain and I had  stop what I was doing, sit down, and finish this poem that God put on my heart to write. It was around 11 p.m. and I finished it at 2 in the morning. So this poem is dedicated to Briley Faith and the 20 children that crossed over last week. I have cried buckets of tears and I know tears have flowed through most of America and across the globe even. I've prayed many prayers for the health of our country, Briley's parents, and also for everyone involved in the tragedy and my prayer today is that this poem will somehow touch you and give you comfort. 

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God's Playground

by Karen Arthur
written December 15th, 2012

When I get to Heaven I want first to see,
God’s beautiful playground where the children will be.
Some were abused, many ill, others shot
A few came together, in accidents, some not.
I want to hug all and give them a kiss.
I’ll let them know how on Earth they were missed.
I know that Jesus will be there as well
Holding the children with stories to tell.

I’ll take their hand as I sit on the ground
With all of the children gathered around.
We’ll take turns sharing about how they arrived,
I’ll tell them each one has changed many lives.
I’ll comfort them then and I’ll let them know
Their parents were sad when they had to go.
But they’ll be here someday and to not dismay,
I’ll be there for them until that great day.

Don’t be discouraged, each child’s life has a plan,
Let God’s love surround you while you hold their hand.
And if one is taken by sickness or hate,
They’ll be playing in Heaven right close to the gate.
Watching and waiting for us to appear,
And remember in Heaven there’s never a fear.
So I’ll head to the playground to meet them someday
Excited and happy, I’m coming to play.