Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Poem

We are headed to the Gospel Music Artist Association Convention next weekend. I recite my poetry instead of singing so here is the one I wrote this week. I think I might read it at the convention.

Savor the Moment

Are you too busy to stop and pray?
To find the pleasure of each new day?
Do you race to and fro without any fun?
Do you spend your free time on the run?

What’s for dinner? Time for bed.
Turn on the TV my brain is dead.
Sometimes we forget to take a deep breath.
Savor the moment and forget all the rest.

So hug the kids and kiss your spouse,
Take a break from cleaning the house.
Buy everyone an ice cream cone,
Have some quality time for your own.

Give God glory, whisper a prayer.
Thank the Lord for being there.
Life’s too short to dash it away.
Savor each moment and seize the day.

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