Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Getting Organized - A Tutorial - Ribbon Storage out of recycled Pringle cans

I am always looking for ways to be more organized. So here is something Autumn started doing while we were on vacation. Using the (cleaned out) Pringle can to store rolls of ribbon.
Then today she mentioned she thought of covering the cans with scrapbook paper and putting a scrap of ribbon on the outside so we'll know which ribbon is in which can. Of course, I jumped on it and covered a couple for her today.

First, eat all the Pringles (or put them in a baggie) and wipe out the can really good so the salt or grease from the chips doesn't get on the ribbon. Then cut the 12 X 12 scrapbook paper sheet down to size to fit the can.

I used double sided tape around the bottom, top and middle of the can to stick it down, then put a strip down the inside to hold it all down tight.

 I used another strip down the seam to put the scraps of ribbon.

Using the heat tool I cut a scrap off of each roll to add to the side of the can.

Put the scraps on the sticky tape and
and Voila, ribbon storage.

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