Sunday, May 6, 2012

TEACHER'S GIFT - Repurpose A Cricut cartridge box

Next week in Teacher appreciation week in our little neck of the woods we call North Texas. My daughter and a friend call it their Super Bowl. They go all out planning and making wonderful, inexpensive gifts too wow the teachers. So much so, that the teacher's fight over who gets to teach my 2 school age grand-daughters and Kim's 4 kiddo's.

This is one I am making for my grand-girl's teachers out of recycled Cricut cartridge boxes. I bought a plastic electronic cartridge container and took all my Cricut cartridges out of the bulky boxes to made more room on my craft shelves. I love the boxes with the little magnet closures and couldn't bear to throw them out so I covered them with scrapbook paper and decorated the tops. You can choose your own flavor of embellishments. I've only made two so far but I am about to go back to the craft-room to make some more.

Here are the pictures of how I did it and the finished products. I'll add the others when I'm finished with my creations.

I used double sided tape to stick the scrapbook paper onto the box. Just put the strips at strategic locations. I suggest you put one on each side of the spine and down the middle of the spine. I didn't on the first one and paper didn't lay flat.

Measure the box and cut the paper accordingly. The Cricut boxes I did were 7 1/2" wide and I cut 11 to 11 1/2" long to wrap about the flap but don't over the magnets as they won't pull as strong through too much paper. If you cut too short (I did the first time) just cut another strip of coordination scrapbook paper and put a piece of ribbonor another strip of  coordination paper down the cut edge.

Now pull the top strip off the double sided tape and carefully stick the paper to the box.

Add embellishments. I put letters on the spine with the teacher's name.

Add a gift for the inside. Candy bars, cookies (put in baggie so it doesn't make grease spots on the box, a bracelet, pencils, etc. Whatever you want to add. You could also cover the inside with felt of velvet to make it a jewelry box. It could be a marker, scissor, pencil box.

Have fun!

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