Sunday, May 6, 2012

More Pics of the Teacher's Gift Boxes

Here are pictures I promised you of the other boxes I made tonight. So cute.

 I added the teacher's names in precut letters to the spine.

 My favorite I think.

All finished.

 I put felt in the bottom of the box and added a bead for a handle.
Not that it needs a knob but it's cute.
And candy bars for a treat.
And my beautiful daughter Autumn put them in the plastic bags for the girl's teachers tomorrow.
Day one, done!
 This is my side of the craft room. I'll post pics of the room after I get one more side done.
I worked most of the day Saturday. It's looking pretty good.

I forgot to mention the beautiful blouse I'm wearing was a gift from my hubby yesterday.
He's so thoughtful. He went to Walmart yesterday and when he got home I asked, "What'd you buy me?" He said I did buy you something and handed me this colorful blouse that I must say, matches the box I made in the previous post. 

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