Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolution

Recently, I've gained a few extra pounds. I'd like to blame it on added stress and not the excessive candy I've consumed in the last month. I'd like to but I really can't.  I ran out of strips for testing my blood sugar and apparently, that meant I could go on a sugar binge. So, I got the precription filled and now I am back on track.

For Christmas I really, really wanted an exercise bike and, of course, my sweet hubby gave me one. He knew it was for a good cause and so far I have ridden at least 30 minutes a day. So proud of me. And, I have lost 5 of those extra pounds. Again, so proud of me. Only a few more to go. Like 30, but enough about me except to say my knees are really much better since I've been biking in the living room. Yea!

We had a wonderful Christmas with my kids driving down from Kansas for a week. It was chaos at my house but well worth it. I got as many hugs and I could out of my grandsons before they had to drive the 7 hours back home. Praise the Lord the weather was wonderful and they made it home safely. We were able to snap a few photos but forgot to get a new one of them head to head so we'll have to keep looking at the old one until they come back or Autumn takes the girls for a Kansas visit in the summer.

Praying everyone has a wonderful 2012.

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