Saturday, January 14, 2012

Courageous the Movie - I give it 5 Stars


Tonight, Mike and I went to see the movie Courageous. Great movie. We talked all the way home about how it covered the whole spectrum of life and circumstances in these five men and their families. The men from our church kicked off their men's ministry by going to see this movie and having a bible study based on it. The women wanted to see it to but we had to stay home while they had their men's night out. It's only fair since we have our lady's night outs.

We went to the $1 movies. By the time the film makes it through all the weeks of showings, the movie reel is less than perfect. Or else they just have old projectors. My friend Kim and her husband went earlier this week and has been dying to talk about it. I refused to let her so now I'm dying to call her but it's 1:00 a.m. so I guess I'd better wait.

The theatre was practically empty yet two couples plopped down right behind us and proceeded to talk and laugh during the movie. I can't believe it myself but I actually turned around once and blurted out, "Will you please quit talking?" So, if you were sitting behind me, I'm really sorry. I came to the theatre to watch the movie without all the noise, (I have enough of that in my living room), and the continuos recaps and spoilers. During one very emotional scene, I heard about it 5 seconds before it played out. It really ruined the moment. I would have complained but the place was a ghost town. It was a late showing so I guess they sent all the help home for the evening. Or, they could have been sitting behind me.

I'll pay the $7.50 next time and see the movie before it looks like an old newsreel and I don't hear the story 5 seconds before I see it happen onscreen. Yes, it might cost more and I know there are rude people everywhere but at least I'll be able to watch the movie without specks and maybe the extra cash will be used to pay the ushers. Remember them? They go up and down the aisles with flashlights and ask you to leave if you're too noisy. I should know, I took my baby one time and had to sit outside with a screaming kid while the rest of family finished the movie. It's okay, I still love ya Bubba.

Seriously though, Courageous is a great movie. I loved it. Watch the awesome trailer by clicking the link at the top. It is from the makers of Fireproof and Facing the Giants, two more great films. And it is coming out on DVD January 17th, next Tuesday. I know I will definitely buy it to watch again and I won't even complain about the kids laughing and talking behind me in my living room. I promise.

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