Friday, January 27, 2012

Fun Weekend, Tough Week

This has been a really tough week for my family. Paige turned two on the 19th and she was sick. Nothing worse than being sick on your birthday. Okay, that was last week but bear with me.

Over last weekend Hubby and I went to the Gospel Music Artists Association Convention where I had the privilege to recite two of my original poems and try my hand at a little comedy. Is it comedy if the stories are actually true? There was laughter. I don't mind getting laughed at when I'm the one making fun of me. I hated being teased when I was kid. Yet, I always wanted to be Carol Burnett when I grew up. Maybe I finally grew up. Took me long enough. I'm almost ready to retire. I will post the video on my Facebook Page, Grandmommys Gems.

So when I came off the stage Friday night, my throat was so dry. Someone asked if I wanted a bottle of cold water. I said, "Yes, I'm dying!" I downed it before I made it back to my chair. I was so tired on Saturday but we had a great time. I only made it through two hours of the Saturday night concert before I went back to the room to rest. We made it home Sunday morning in time for church but I skipped and stayed home with Reace who was also feeling puny. At Soul Patrol play practice, I felt my throat getting worse. Drainage, allergies, whatever but finally Friday (today) I gave up and when to see my favorite doctor who gave me some meds to make me better. I always wait to go until I can't stand it and that's usually just before I get better. But, I still managed to go to work all week and muddle through.

During the week, three family members came down with what the baby had last week which was viral and flu like symptoms. Fortunately, we are all on the road to recovery and praying no one else comes down with any of our symptoms. Especially my eighty three year old Mom. She would hate me telling her age even though she tells it all the time.

Kaylyn had a birthday, yesterday, and her Mom was so sick she didn't get to have her treats until today, Sonic blasts and mozzerella sticks. Sounds yummy. I missed out due to work. But we still managed to celebrate a little last night with a nice dinner, cake, and her present from me and Papaw.

Now, we get to start the weekend all over again. After I get up at 4 a.m. to go work for an hour that is. Then we get to watch Kaylyn play basketball where I can't yell, then watch her cheer for the boys basketball. This is going to be tough. I realized two weeks ago I was yelling and waving my arms around like a mad woman. Very embarrassing. I'm sure I will have a tough time holding it in but the throat pain will probably stop me from getting too loud. I'm sure if I do I will totally lose my voice. No promise on the arm waving. Then plans to work on the craft room if we still feel up to it. So many ideas and plans, just hard to move around in there. We need a warehouse so we can empty it out and only return what we really need. Who am I kidding, we need it all.

Like I said, it was a tough week but I'm pumped for the weekend.

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