Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ugh Bills, Goodbye Paycheck, Hello Apple Pie

Today was payday for my creditors. I'm just the middle man. Yes, they all got a piece of the pie and left me with a tiny bit of crust. Too bad I have more bills to pay. That's okay, God will take care of it. Somehow, some way, the city, state, and school taxes will get their piece of the pie. Taxes being due in January right after Christmas is just wrong.

Speaking of pie, doesn't this look good. My son-in-law makes a delicious apple pie which is why I gained some of that weight over the holidays that I mentioned in the last blog entry. Just looking at this makes me want another bite and it's all gone. Again, which is why I gained all that weight over the holidays. Sorry about that folks, I know your mouth is watering now but it's easy to make. Two ready made pie crusts and some apple pie filling. Hmmm, wonder if we have any cans of . . . Nope, gotta be good, don't look at it. Turn . . . away . . . from the picture.

It didn't work, my mouth is watering now. Where's my sugar free chocolate?

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  1. lol your so funny. Now I gotta go so I can beat you in the blog wars! Muah!